What is Genius Vase


Genius Vase is an innovative planter for flowers and plants, which can produce the water needed by the plant autonomously. The system produces water by drawing it from the surrounding air, and maintains it at a constant level.

The system uses eco-friendly technology which is a true marriage of machine and living organism. This system allows plant and machine to work together for the well-being of man, by reducing CO2 in the environment and increasing oxygen levels. 

Genius Vase is an eco-friendly product which respects the environment and helps to conserve ground water. 



How it works


Ambient air high in humidity enters at point (1), where it is filtered and dehumidified by the refrigeration unit (2). The treated air is expelled downwards towards the floor at point (3). This design feature gives the product a unique noiseless functioning.

The water extracted is collected at the base and conveyed by a pump (4) to a reservoir in the upper part of the planter (5).

The roots of the plant, aided by the silica present in the pot (6), absorb the water needed for its nutrition.

What is Genius Vase 

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