Great know-how behind Genius Vase 


Genius Vase is a revolutionary product deriving from over twenty years experience in the R&D department of  ZYMBO ITALIA in Brescia (Italy) where expert engineers work in the field of industrial and domestic dehumidifiers.


An efficient and expert service in Post Sales Technical Support, located in Reggiolo (Reggio Emilia) Italy, supports and assists customers with all their technical problems and requirements.



The factory where Genius Vase is made


Genius Vase is manufactured in a modern Zymbo China factory, the leader in the manufacturing of dehumidifiers around the world.

Zymbo is a specialist company in the production of OEM products i.e. original equipment manufacturer. Important European and American groups have been relocating production to this factory for many years, due to the high standard of quality.


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Quality system certified ISO 9001

Know How 

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