How much water does Genius produce?

Genius Vase can produce variable quantities of water depending on conditions of temperature and humidity. The range on offer can produce between 6 and 12 litres per day, more than enough for potted plants. The amount of water produced is enough to water 5 to 7 patio plants, summer and winter.

The high quality of Genius water

Genius Vase produces extremely pure water, without chlorine or other substances present in domestic water which are necessary for human health but harmful to plants. The pure water from Genius Vase is also free from the acids which are sometimes present in rainwater. This water is particularly recommended for delicate and difficult plants such as orchids.


Single or multiple planters

Thanks to its ability to produce large quantities of water and its ease of installation, Genius Vase can supply enough water for the plants in a small patio or terrace. The distribution pump can handle an incline of 1.2 metres and a distance of 6-7 metres. Genius is designed to be used both indoors (home, office, shop) and outdoors.

How much does it cost to water with Genius Vase?

Genius Vase is equipped with a highly efficient refrigeration system for dehumidifying air. The system can produce around 0.5 litres of water for every hour with 0,2 Kw  for electricity consumption .The cost of electricity varies in European countries, and the increasing use of solar panels means that many consumers are producing their own electricity independently and cheaply. 

Genius Vase is a patented product

Genius Vase is an Italian concept manufactured in China by the ZYMBO company. Various patents are in place to protect the product in Italy and throughout Europe, China and the USA. These patents give a safeguard for both the producer and for clients in various markets, preventing unfair practices by competitors.  

How does the plant get its nourishment?

Nourishment is provided to the plants by the soil like a normal vase with a water reserve.You can put in fertiliser and food like in a normal vase.The soil will absorb the nourishment and the plants do so via their roots and in turn make use of it.

How much time saved?

Thanks to Genius Vase you can save lots of time.

Obviously, the amount of time saved depends from family to family and how many plants must be watered on a daily basis. From research on the habits of the average Italian family, it has emerged that the average time dedicated to this unpleasant chore is 25 minutes which means that over a full year you save about 9000 minutes, equal to 19 working days!!

The virtual water footprint of Genius Vase

The concept of virtual water, developed by Prof. John Anthony Allan of King’s College in London and winner of the Stockholm Water Prize 2008 (the Nobel Prize equivalent in research) defines how much water is contained in the production and trade of foodstuffs and consumable goods. In fact, water is used in large quantities also for the preparation of all foodstuffs and industrial goods. Water consumption in these cases is not limited to water that we see, but also all water hidden in some way, and therefore virtual, necessary for production and trade. Virtual water contained in a product is therefore the volume of fresh water used to produce it, measured on site where it was actually produced and represents the sum of water used for the various phases of the production chain. Water is not infinite. Its availability on earth decreases each year. The future of our planet depends on each of us, because every drop saved helps a life.

Genius Vase is the only product in the world that is waterimprint friendly; during its lifetime it saves the water usedto produce it and creates a positive balance in favourof the environment.

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